Park entrances/exits

Main car park

The main entrance to the park is at 116/122 South Karori Road, Karori, Wellington, New Zealand 6012 as shown on the location map below. 

Overflow parking can be found 300m further up South Karori Road on the left and further again on the right hand side of the road bend.

Saint Albans Avenue

At the end of Saint Albans Avenue is a small amount of street parking. Track 701, the 4WD track Snake Charmer starts/exits here.

Allington Road

There are three entrances/exits off Allington Road:

  • Track 502 Trickle Falls exits at the back of the Allington Road play area.
  • Next to 108 Allington Road is the 4WD track 703 Allington Connector
  • Between numbers 112 and 113 Allington Road is track 204 Rimu Trail

Makara Road

There are two entrances off Makara Road: 

  • The first is opposite the car park for the Skyline Walkway and takes you onto track 308 Varley's. 
  • The second is a bit further up the road, also on the left, towards Makara and enters onto track 701, the 4WD track Snake Charmer.

Bail Out track exit

The exit for Track 405 Bail Out is next to 300 South Karori Road, which is near the end of the road.


The main bus to Karori is 3 The Green Route (Lyall Bay - Wellington - Karori). The bus terminates at the intersection of Karori Road and South Karori Road. 

Follow the footpath along South Karori Road for 1km to reach the main park entrance. Alternatively continue along Karori Road (now Allington Road) on foot and take the second left onto Saint Albans Avenue. At the end of the street you will find the start of track 701, the 4WD track Snake Charmer. Follow track signage to reach the summit of Makara Peak.   

Park facilities

The main car park has a toilet, bike wash, bike pump, information boards and a picnic area with picnic tables. 

Location map

Park map

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Park guide

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